Lotus Architects win

1st Prize in Architecture Competition







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Lotus Competitions and Built work

John C House …See More


Coniston Cricket Pavilion Competition …See More

DCU Gateway Competition…See More

JCMK House…See More

Art Shelter _ RHA Exhibition … Lotus was invited to participate in the 2012 RHA Summer Exhibition. The piece is an interactive construction…See More


Ormond Road … Stepped undulations in the roof allow sunlight to penetrate inside… See More


Park Court … The central bisecting portion of this 80’s terraced dwelling, housing stairs and storage are removed… See More

Sion Hill … Sunlight is pulled from the north by means of a court, from the south along a raised garden and from east and west through three light canons…See More
Provoking the Everyday _ Pivot Dublin Design Challenge… This 24hr workshop, held by Pivot Dublin, aimed to find the Irish entry for the Helsinki WDC 2012 International Design house Exhibition – “Everyday Discoveries”….See More
Handrail … A new handrail is a minimal intervention in simple timber construction stained to match the existing teak door…See More
Headstone … Inspired by Brancusi’s endless column the form refers to cycles, continuity and inter connectivity of lives and time.
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Art Box _ Competition Entry… The mobile art display and performance space, called for in the brief, is provided for in seven identical units…See More
Tullamore Arts Centre _ Competition Entry … The design sets out to make a public building with a quiet presence equivalent to that of the mill buildings of the town….See More
Lauderdale Terrace … A central toilet block in the new extension makes possible 1 fluid, 2 separate or 4 distinct spaces…See More

Defining Space _ Exhibition … Defining Space was a three day conference…See More

Windsor Terrace … This total rebuild of a house with a north aspect to its very small rear courtyard has a highly illuminated living space on the first floor…See More
Fence… See More
Maribor Arts Centre _ Competition Entry … The proposal for a new Gallery of Contemporary Arts continues the flow of urban space in, around and through the new complex. A wide public route traverses the site making a covered plaza beside the river to the south and the place to the east. The gallery space are consequently elevated to the first floor…See More
Giant’s Causeway Interpretive Centre _ Competition Entry … This interpretive centre in County Antrim on the north coast of Ireland stands on a World Heritage Site…See More
Remodeling _ House in North Kerry … See More
Tivoli Avenue… The ground floor extension plays on the existing pattern of the house…See More
Twin House … These two summer houses were “conceived” as twins…See More
           A3 to A4 adjusted scale rule    l|o|t|u|s architects ©  ….See More

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