Coniston Cricket Pavilion Competition

The central move is to provide a cheap, open roof structure to allow for protected viewing of cricket and to invite other possibilities for use in the rejuvenated cricket grounds. The translucent canopy should be radiant in the sun and when moving screens are installed and closed, the space can be warm too.

Agency and Architectural Devices

The hope is to provide a vehicle for communal development through the design. The architectural device- the arcade/polytunnel/roof shelter provides an open framework to foster the community’s cultural life.


The arcade arches around the entrance corner of the pitch providing a formal edge to it for viewing purposes. It is intended as a formal device to help order looser elements around it. It consists of a simple poly tunnel roof with 100mm diameter supporting steel posts. It should have a screening system to internalise the space for varied use. A variety of solutions are possible.

Competition Team: Peter Tansey, Simona Yonkova, Rebecca Carroll + Donn Holohan

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